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Silent Blade - Ilona Andrews Originally posted at Romance Around the CornerI first heard of this series a couple of weeks ago when book 2, Silver Shark, was released. Since I’m a huge fan of the On the Edge series I decided to read these novellas because they looked promising and most importantly, short.These are sci-fi stories set in a distant future were different planets have been colonized and where the most influential people have several enhancements that can be either mechanical or psychic, which gives them the upper hand when it comes to the world the live in thus making them the political and economic force. They are called Kinsmen and they are quite the tight group. Family is everything to them and they marry other Kinsmen in order to make them stronger in a political world where genes and family ties are everything.In Silent Blade we meet Meli Galdes. She severed all ties to her powerful family and now lives as an outcast working for her family as an assassin using her special ability. She is now ready to retire but her brother asks her one last favor, she must kill Celino Carvanna. Meli and Celino share a history, years ago when they were just kids their families arranged an engagement between them. Meli couldn’t be happier about it and spent her adolescence preparing to be the perfect wife in order to gain Celino’s love. But Celino wanted to be free and saw the engagement as a huge roadblock, so he breaks the engagement (which in this world is a great offense) and brutally rejects Meli by calling her ugly and undeserving. Meli wants revenge, but murder isn’t enough, she wants to cause him the same heartache and pain he caused her, so she decides to seduce him and make him fall for her so she can then reject him.This is another example of Ilona Andrews’ writing skills. In a short story that can barely be called a novella, Andrews manages to create a rich and complex word without overwhelming the reader with a huge amount of info-dumping. The planet where the story takes place is colorful and passionate, just like the people who inhabit it. The world-building is strong and tight, without many loose ends, which is very important when the story is this short. It’s full of possibilities and complex but the story is told in a very simple way as to not to confound the reader.Meli and Celino were fantastic leads. He was the embodiment of the ruthless alpha-male who would stop at nothing to get what he wants both in business and in love. He falls fast for Meli even though he doesn’t remember her and when he realizes what happened and how she deceived him his reaction was just perfect.Meli was the perfect match for Celino, in a way she was just as ruthless, but she only wanted to belong and the opportunity to love and be loved. Their story was sweet and hot and I was happy to see how things ended and how everything was resolved.