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Catch a Shooting Star - Olivia Ventura I have mixed feelings about this one. The characters are likeable, the romance is sweet and overall it's a very cute story. Yet, the characterization is inconsistent, you need tons of suspension of disbelief to actually buy how clueless the hero is (he has a child-like naiveté that was hard to swallow considering he’s supposed to be this huge NFL star) and there are some clichés that pulled me out of the story.The heroine stars as a hard-ass, tough chick with tattoos and piercings, but soon morphs into a weak, helpless mess. By the time we discover why she uses her appearance as a protective façade I was rolling my eyes nonstop. So I stopped reading around the 60% mark when the issues became too distracting. Having said that, I didn’t dislike anything about the story, and as I said, the romance was cute and the main couple had tons of chemistry. In a way, I even liked the fact that the hero was so sweet and slightly insecure -- a beta football player, imagine that! So even though I found the book’s flaws way too distracting, maybe you should give it a try and judge by yourself.