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After the Storm - Amy Knupp Originally posted at Romance Around the CornerI can’t resist a Harlequin Superromance that promises angst, so I requested it and was ready to enjoy the ride. Unfortunately, I was not entertained or even engaged enough to keep reading.Penn gets seriously hurt while trying to save Nadia from a storm. He’s a firefighter and rescuing people is his job, so the injury and the pain make it impossible for him to work. They know each other because they tried to date, but she kept cancelling because of her work. So he labels her a workaholic, and deems her unworthy of his attention. But she feels so guilty that she keeps trying to take care of him. Nadia’s journey is about learning to balance her life, or to work less and love more. I have a problem with a book that portrays a heroine whose main flaw is that she is committed to her work to the point of giving is preference over her romantic date. To be fair, his journey is adapting to not being able to do his job, so there are some similarities between them. But while his work ethic makes him heroic, hers makes her flawed and not worth the trouble. I believe that we should learn how to balance every aspect of our lives, but I don’t like double standards.