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More Than Words

More Than Words - Karla Doyle Originally posted at Romance Around the CornerI discovered this book thanks to Liz’s cone of shame post (don’t click on that link, though, too many tempting books). When I saw dirty Scrabble and rock star hero, I was sold. I mean, how many of you stopped reading this to go and buy the book? The lure of the dirty Scrabble is irresistible and I’m weak. So I got it, and loved it until about the middle mark, then I didn’t love it as much. Here’s why:Calli was assaulted two years ago, and now suffers a paralyzing fear to go outside once it’s dark. She spends the days working on her sex shop, and the nights doing nothing. But one day she logs into an online game of Scrabble designed to meet people and even flirt. She ends up playing a great game with a charming man name Travis. But when he decides to meet her, things get a bit tricky. But just a bit, and that’s part of the problem.I loved the first part of the book, even though the problems begin quite early into the book. But the chemistry between Calli and Travis, as well as their banter, was compelling and addictive enough for the flaws to not bother me as much as they should. But then the story starts falling apart.The characterization is inconsistent. Calli is traumatized and paranoid, yet she gives key information to a stranger, minutes after meeting him online. She’s careless about her safety one minute, the next she’s paralyzed by fear. So her struggles only make an appearance when they are useful to the plot. She doesn’t have to get used to Travis, and she instantly trust him just based on a feeling of safety he inspires. She also owns a sex shop and isn’t a virgin, but sometimes she acts like a shy, inexperienced woman, and sometimes she’s forward and flirty. These traits are not necessarily mutually exclusive, but in her didn’t make much sense.Travis is also a bit off. At first he comes across as a jaded, self-assured man looking for something different. He doesn’t even think twice about committing to a relationship with a woman who is deeply disturbed and has serious issues to overcome, something I find slightly suspicious. And then, the minute she says something he finds contrary, he panics and throws a tantrum. It was confusing to say the least.There's a lot of sex in this book, and it does nothing for the plot or character development, in fact, I think it hurts it. I found myself skimming through some of the scenes because it was boring. So I think it's supposed to be Erotic Romance, but to me it was just another Contemporary with a lot of vanilla sex in it. Dear authors, pointless sex is pointless, even if you're trying to tell an erotic story.More Than Words starts with a bang and a lot of promise, but it falls apart at the end. However, I think that Ms. Doyle has potential and knows how to create characters that feel like they belong to each other. The idea was great, and even though the execution left a lot to be desired, I’m glad I read it. Perhaps it’s not the great read I was expecting, but it was entertaining and enjoyable.