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Forbidden Fantasies (Bondage & Breakfast #1) - Jodie Griffin Originally posted at Romance Around the CornerI really like stories where the main couple has an established relationship. Most of the time we get books about couples meeting and falling in love but it’s not often that we actually get a story about what happens after the happily ever after, so when I saw that this novella was about a married couple I couldn’t wait to read it.Jessica has been happily married to Alex for over 15 years. They have two kids and their relationship is just plain great. But one day Jessica discovers an erotic romance and things change. She comes from a very conservative background so things like BDSM and fantasies are unfamiliar to her, what surprises her is that not only does she enjoy the book a lot but also starts fantasizing about doing the things she reads. As consequence their sex life improves because she feels invigorated, but she also feels guilty about it because having those fantasies, some of them involving threesomes and people watching, feel like cheating to her. So she keeps quiet, has great sex and feels guilty afterwards. Alex, on the other hand, becomes more and more aware of his wife’s estrange behavior. She’s unstoppable in bed but then withdraws, he keeps asking her what’s wrong but she doesn’t say anything, so he begins to fear that she is cheating on him. But when he finally confronts her, he realizes that this may open new possibilities for their relationship. And that’s when things get interesting.This novella basically has two parts. The first one where Jessica worries about the fantasies and Alex worries about the cheating, and the second one where she comes clean and they take it from there. I was a bit annoyed by Jessica’s insecurities and her unwillingness to trust Alex. They had been married for all those years and at that point she should have known that communication was key. Another thing that bothered me was the lack of trust, she was shy and sheltered but fifteen years is a long time to overcome that and to learn to trust your partner. However, this was pretty much the only thing that I found mildly annoying, the rest I thoroughly enjoyed.Alex was a sweetheart and his reaction to Jessica’s confession made me fall for him. Jessica was likeable, insecurities and all, and they were a nice couple with lots of chemistry. My favorite part was to have an established couple as the main characters. I wish romance had more couples like this one because it allows us to explore different types of conflicts. It is an erotic novel so there’s hot sex, nothing over the top and all very vanilla, but it fit the sweet overtones of the story. I liked the fact that the sex came later in the story which gave me time to get to know the characters first.Forbidden Fantasies is a sexy and cute novella, perfect to read in one sitting. It has a lovely romance, a few steamy sex scenes and two likeable main characters. Recommended to fans of contemporary romance, and to people who might be testing the waters of erotic romance, this was mild compared to other erotic romances so I think it’s a good place to start. I look forward to reading more by Ms. Griffin.Grade: 3.5Source: we received an e-ARC of the book through NetGalley for review purposes.