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My Kind of Christmas (Virgin River Series #20)

My Kind of Christmas - Robyn Carr Originally posted at Romance Around the CornerThis is the Christmas special of the Virgin River series. The last Riordan brother, Patrick, finally gets a book, and his heroine is Jack’s niece, Angie. They go to Virgin River because they are recovering from tragedies. Patrick’s friend was killed in Afghanistan, and his plan is to marry his widow because that’s the only way to take care of her, right? And Angie was in a car crash and is in town to take some time to figure out her life. They decide to have a fling with a very clear expiration date, but it’s obvious how that’s going to end. The book wasn't only disappointing, it was borderline infuriating. The setting is a bit ridiculous -- the hero’s friend dies, and he decides that the only way to take care of his widow is to marry her. I guess this is a way to portray the hero as honorable and selfless, but instead he came across as an idiot.However, that’s not the reason why I didn't finish it. There’s a little girl in town, she’s poor and her face is scarred. Her father is unemployed, and the mother is helpless. So of course our heroine takes one look at the girl and decides to help her get a new face. This girl is nothing but a prop. The only reason she’s in the book is to make the heroine look good; a heroine who’s young and doesn't know what she’s doing. Of course this is a Christmas story, so the miracle is guaranteed, but using a kid’s misery as a cheap plot device is offensive. My Kind of Christmas is one of the worst books in the series. The plot was contrived, the characters annoying, and the romance lacked emotion. Read A Virgin River Christmas instead.