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Sweet as Sin

Sweet as Sin - Inez Kelley I liked this book a lot, but I was expecting something different based on the cover and the reviews. I was expecting an erotica novel with a tortured hero with an awful past, and what I got was a very steamy novel (but not on the erotica levels of hotness) and a tortured hero with an awful past (but not the levels of awful that some reviews let me to believe). And this is all I’m saying about the hero’s backstory because that’s the big mystery/revelation and I’m not ruining that.John Murphy, the hero, is a YA writer/illustrator who just moved to a new house and instantly feels attracted to his new neighbor, pastry chef Livvy. They decide to act on the attraction and enter a no strings attached sexual relationship. The thing is, that even though they start the relationship as a temporary fling, they also develop feelings for each other. The Problem is that he doesn’t do commitment and is full of secrets, some of them quite bad if his nightmares are any indication. The rest of the book is about how they deal with that, the feelings, the past and each other. Parallel to this we get parts of the book Jon is currently working on, and is this story within a story, that sheds the most light on his troubled past. To keep reading my review visit Romance Around the Corner.