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At Last by Shalvis, Jill ( Author ) ON Aug-23-2012, Paperback

At Last - Jill Shalvis Originally posted at Romance Around the Corner I admit that when I was reading Lucky in Love, the previous book in this new trilogy, I was very intrigued every time Amy and Matt had an interaction. There was something going on between them, and now we finally get to find out what. But before I begin the review, you should know that there’s no need to read any of the previous books in order to enjoy this one, so you can jump right in if you want.Amy is a waitress with an attitude. But behind her tough exterior hides a wounded woman desperately searching for hope, peace and heart. Those three words were written by her grandmother on her diary and Amy came all the way to Lucky Harbor in order to find the same happiness and calm her grandmother claimed to have found. So far she hasn’t been successful and it will take some external help to finally find what she’s looking for.Matt is Lucky Harbor’s hunky forest ranger. He used to be a big city cop but the pressure was too much, and when his marriage ended he decided to change his life. He’s been attracted to Amy since he first saw her but he senses her reluctance to engage in any type of romantic relationship, and by reluctance I mean that she basically gives him the evil eye or ignores him every time they cross paths. The truth is that Amy is also attracted, but her focus is finding herself and the forgiveness she needs for all the mistakes she made in the past, so romance is not her priority. When Matt decides that he’s had enough sexual tension and wants the real deal, he goes for it and no one, not even Amy, will get in his way. This book reminded me a lot of the original trilogy in that the leads had great chemistry and there was a lot of bromance. The conflict was solid and realistic and the overall story was charming. Amy was a great heroine both strong and vulnerable, and her difficult past was tough but not melodramatic. There’s a secondary character that represents that past, a homeless teenager running from something and someone. Amy sees herself reflected in Riley and it serves to give us some insight into her character and to create conflict. Matt was what I just realized is the typical Shalvis hero – confident, manly, laid-back and lovable. I could use those words to describe every single one of her heroes, but in Matt’s case we also get an interesting backstory that serves to differentiate him from the rest. Even though the story is more about Amy, he was fleshed out and interesting.What I loved the most about the book was the bromance. I think bromance should be mandatory in every book. It’s great for comedic relief and I like seeing the hero interact with other characters and not just the heroine, it’s good to see his personality beyond the bedroom or beyond the guy hell-bent on getting the girl.It’s not particularly original, but it’s fresh and entertaining. And when it comes to small-town romances, fresh and entertaining is exactly what I’m looking for. Source: we received an e-ARC of the book through NetGalley for review purposes.