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Ride with Me

Ride with Me - Ruthie Knox This book was adorable and surprisingly hot. The hero was wounded and cantankerous. He had isolated himself from everything and everyone but his sister, but had such a valid reason to be that way, and it was incredibly realistic and appealing. It was a departure from the norm in which the heroes that act like that do it for immature and ridiculous reasons. The heroine is a schoolteacher like no other I've read. Feisty and self-assured, she doesn't take crap from the hero and doesn't let him get away with his brooding ways, she pushes him and pushes him until he’s out of his shell. I liked her very much.I’m not a fan of road trip stories and yet this one charmed me from page one. I want to take my bike and do the Trans-Am route.There is a lot of explicit sex, something you wouldn't expect based on the cover and description, and based on a story about a prim and proper schoolteacher and a guy who’s slightly obsessed with the environment and just wants to be left alone. Absolutely recommended to fans of contemporary romance, I am so happy I read the book and can’t wait to read more by Ms. Knox, if it’s half as good as Ride With Me it will be fantastic.It gets a 4.5 from me just because the ending was rather abrupt.