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The Lovesick Cure

The Lovesick Cure - Pamela Morsi Originally posted at Romance Around the CornerI’ve heard good things about Ms. Morsi’s books, so when I saw this book available to review I requested it. The story is a balanced mixed between Women’s Fiction and Contemporary Romance, but I didn’t live up to my expectations. When Jesse’s fiancé marries someone else, she quits her job and moves to her aunt’s isolated town in the Ozarks. She does it to lick her wounds and to get a change of pace. Her aunt is almost a local celebrity. She makes different potions and gives advice, like a spiritual leader. But she’s old and tired, so they take care of each other. One of the potions aunt Will makes, it’s called the lovesick cure, and once she starts the treatment it sets a series of events that will help her realize what makes her happy, and even find love with aunt Will’s doctor.I’m having a hard time writing this review because the book was average. Not bad but bland and mostly forgettable. I think the one reason I’ll remember it is because it has a ginger hero. All the characters were likeable, the romance was sweet and the conflict almost nonexistent. So I guess a good word to describe it would be bland. I didn’t dislike it, but it didn’t elicit any emotion either.The book’s emphasis is on Jesse’s relationship with aunt Will. There’s a predictable big revelation, the heroine goes through her self-discovery journey without experiencing much angst, and a couple of secondary characters have to make a couple of life-changing decisions. The ingredients are there, but I felt like it was missing emotion. This wasn’t a compelling story. I liked Ms. Morsi’s voice. I also loved the setting -- I think the Ozarks is an interesting place that gives a unique and isolated feel to the average small town romance. The hero, Piney, was mature and levelheaded. He worked as a romantic lead and fit the story well. The romance wasn’t the main focus but I liked it. But overall it just failed to engage me.Fans of the author would like to read it and it’s a story that I think those who enjoy Robyn Carr’s books will like it. But it wasn’t for me and I won’t recommend it to you, especially if you’re weary of Women’s Fiction and small-town stories.Source: we received an e-ARC of the book through NetGalley for review purposes.