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Inferno - Dan Brown This book is really, really bad. And I liked the previous three, so my standards aren't that high, but boy, I just couldn't keep reading even if at times it made me laugh (not a compliment).The book is very formulaic: Langdon has a female sidekick; there’s this creepy assassin hunting them; a mysterious, evil group is planning to do something bad somewhere, but we don’t get much beyond their obscure POV’s so that we can be surprised when the bad guy turns out to be Ian McKellen Langdon’s best friend. It feels like I’m reading the budget version of the Da Vinci Code.But all that would've been just fine if not for Brown’s constant abuse of the ellipsis. At one point I counted up to ten ellipses in one page. Download the sample and take a look; he even uses them in the acknowledgements, for fuck’s sake. Is this a literary device I’m not aware of? I just can't.. really.. I just... I mean... UGH! Were his other books this bad?