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When We Touch (Whiskey Creek, #0.5)

When We Touch  - Brenda Novak I've enjoyed Ms. Novak's Romantic Suspense books so I was curious to read this new series. I also love evil sisters that take the heroine's man, so this one sounded perfect. The heroine's sister is marrying her very recent ex, worse, she's the wedding planner because of course she's the only choice in the whole planet. But fear not, hero has a hunky brother (stepbrother, otherwise it would be too icky, enough double dipping already with the sisters) so he saves her and fall in love, etc. Problem is, the heroine is whiny in a very annoying way, not cute and heartbroken, she only blames the sister for the betrayal and the hero has no personality except that he doesn't do commitment, blah, blah, blah. The lack of interesting characters ruined a perfectly good, over the top, story. Read something else.