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Raw Blue

Raw Blue - Kirsty Eagar ETA: The books is available again in the US, at least as e-Book.This book was fantastic. I wish there were more New Adult/YA books like this out there. Very emotional and gritty, it's not easy to read and the ending is hopeful but not exactly happy. The heroine, Carly, broke my heart and her story gutted me. I really want to believe that she gets to a place where she can ask and get the help she needed.She was raped, so if that's a trigger for you, don't read it. It's not graphic but it's hard to read. The love interest was a regular guy with a shady past trying to clean up his act and willing to work hard to do it. There are no billionaires or princes in it. No one gets better by the mighty power of love, but it helps them get there.I really liked it and I wish the book was easier to get here (this is the reason why I don't review it on the blog). Right now you can only buy it through The Book Depository.