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Grey's Awakening

Grey's Awakening  - Cameron Dane Originally posted at Romance Around the CornerThis is my first book by Cameron Dane and I really liked it. Greyson Cole is taking a vacation because everyone he knows is happily paired up and he isn’t. Because of a dramatic past he feels unable to commit and fully love, this took a toll on his last relationship which ended badly three years ago. Upon arriving to his cabin in the mountains he finds himself “face to naked chest” with Sirus Wilder. Sirus is a longtime friend of Grey’s sister and is using the cabin while his is under renovations. They both feel very attracted to each other and almost immediately decide to act on it. They both go into it thinking it will be just a week long fling, but since they aren’t used to that kind of mindless relationship, and because of the great chemistry and attraction, something that should be uncomplicated starts to become really complicated, and to muddle it even further they both have a lot of baggage to deal with.This was an erotic romance no questions about it, the sex is hot and aplenty, but is not meaningless sex and beyond that there is an interesting take on a common story (two people hot for each other sharing a cabin in the middle of nowhere) and a couple of charming and lovable characters who experience ups and downs, and a lot of character growth.I like erotic romance but it has to have an interesting story, otherwise it just feels like porn. So this book was perfect because it was really hot, but really interesting as well. Both Grey and Sirus felt real, especially Grey. Usually characters that are damaged and closed up like that tend to be almost cartoonish and one-dimensional, but Grey did have an honest reason to be like that. Sirus also had his share of baggage but he dealt with it in a different manner, he was the perfect guy to get Grey to come out of his shell. Sirus was a loving, sexy and strong guy. I loved that both characters had their vulnerable moments, and that they both were able to lean on each other.The book seems longer than it really is mostly because it has a lot of sex in it, if you don’t like that type of books then don’t bother reading this one. The whole story takes place in a week, I don’t normally like romances that develop that fast but in this case it didn’t bother me, I was rooting for them the whole time to just get over themselves and work it out, this is one of those books were at the end you are sure that they will make it.The sex is hot, but is nothing out of the ordinary, but there is a lot of it, it felt like every four pages or so there was a sex scene, perhaps there were too many sex scenes, but since the whole story revolves around two guys who decide to have no-strings-attached-sex the whole week they are spending together, then I guess those scenes had a reason to be. And then again, it is an erotic romance.I’m definitely checking out Cameron’s backlist and I recommend this book to any fan of erotic m/m romances out there, and to people who want to try something different.Don't forget to visit my blog http://romance-around-the-corner.blogspot.com/