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Silver Shark - Ilona Andrews Originally posted at Romance Around the CornerI first heard of this series a couple of weeks ago when book 2, Silver Shark, was released. Since I’m a huge fan of the On the Edge series I decided to read these novellas because they looked promising and most importantly, short.These are sci-fi stories set in a distant future were different planets have been colonized and where the most influential people have several enhancements that can be either mechanical or psychic, which gives them the upper hand when it comes to the world the live in thus making them the political and economic force. They are called Kinsmen and they are quite the tight group. Family is everything to them and they marry other Kinsmen in order to make them stronger in a political world where genes and family ties are everything.As much as I loved Silent Blade, I was blown away by Silver Shark. This takes the world-building one step further by showing us a completely different planet, which gives us better understanding of the incredible potential this world has. We now get to see a different culture and dynamics.When the story begins the reader finds himself in Uley, a planet devastated by more than three hundred years of war. Claire is a soldier and a psycher, a strong psychic ability that allows her to control and read minds. Suddenly Claire’s faction loses the war and she must take cover because her abilities make her a target. So she takes her late mother’s identity and is sent to the planet Rada (the same planet where Silent Blade takes place) as a refugee. The refugees must adapt and so they are forced to look for jobs, Claire ends up becoming the personal assistant to Venturo Escana, one of Rada’s most powerful psychers and also entrepreneurs. But she needs to hide her abilities from him because if the authorities find out about her she will be deported back to Uley and murdered.This novella was more about the world, and seeing it through Claire’s eyes than about the love story, in fact, there’s a bit of sexual tension between them but nothing really happens until the very end, although when it does you will see that all that waiting pays off.Just like in the previous story, the characters were compelling a likeable. I think Claire was a fascinating character. Everything about this world is new to her, the colors, the people, the culture, the food, and she needs to adapt while feeling overwhelmed by everything. She comes from a place where everything was dull and grey and people weren’t even allowed to smile. And now she is in a planet where everything, from the scenery to the people, is exuberant and passionate, even to the point of violence.The love story takes some time developing, but I didn’t miss it, first because everything else that’s going on keeps you riveted, and second because when the romance finally comes, it does it with a vengeance. So here you have a bit of everything, danger, intrigue, politics, sex and love. What else could you want? If you don’t feel like reading both stories you should at least consider reading this one, to me it was almost perfect and I can’t understand why this wasn’t written as a full-length novel, hopefully we won’t have to wait as long to get the next installment.