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Breaking the Rules - Suzanne Brockmann I’m really disappointed, I think in part was because of high expectations since I’ve being waiting for Izzy’s book since forever, but in general it wasn’t near as good as previous books in the series, especially some of the first ones. I never warmed up to Eden, I found her immature, and her backstory was just too awful, I mean, come on! That book was a parade of sexual abuse, Eden, Neesha, Eden, Neesha againa, Neesha, did I mention Neesha?! I think this book would have been much better had it being set up years, and not just months, after Into the Fire, Eden needed time to grow up.Izzy was ok until he reunited with Eden, this character went backwards! He was much more mature in Hot Pursuit.The best part of the story was Dan, it was nice to see his evolution, it was more realistic, it didn’t came out of nowhere, and by the end of the book he wasn’t miraculously changed but you know he will get there eventually.I also liked Ben, but Suzanne’s agenda got in the way and that prevented me from liking him even more, I understand why she does it, but enough already! I agree with her, but it was annoying, at this point I don’t think she has any reader who disagrees with her (and if she does, I don’t think they will read her books again, they will send her some hate-mail and keep on living their homophobic lives). And it bothers me that here you have an amazing character, full of potential, that’s likeable and has lots of qualities, and apparently the only thing that defines him is being gay, I think that being gay was part of who he was, but it wasn’t everything. The book did keep me interested, Suzanne is the queen of great dialogue and that hasn’t changed here, there are some great one-liners, and I’m still her fan, but I’m disappointed, I guess you win some and you lose some, but to be honest this one felt like a huge fail.