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Hunter's Season - Thea Harrison Originally posted at Romance Around the CornerDragon Bound was one of my favorite books of 2011, but after some disappointments with the series I started to think that it was one-hit wonder. I did enjoy Oracle’s Moon, though, so I keep reading the books. I’m happy to say that Hunter’s Season makes me feel hopeful that the magic is still there.If you have read the previous books and novellas in the series, you know that Xanthe is an undercover guard for the Dark Fae court, and Aubrey Riordan is a chancellor whose wife betrayed him, and everyone else, when she tried to murder the queen, who happened to be the second book’s heroine. In Hunter’s Season, someone tries to kill Aubrey and Xanthe is the one in charge to protect and take care of him while he recovers. Then they fall in love and live happily ever after.There’s nothing new about it, but it’s a charming romance. In fact, that’s all there is. Someone else resolves the mystery, and the action, if there’s any, happens off-page. All we get are two people falling in love. Well, Xanthe was already in love, it was Aubrey who needed a push. Aubrey is very old, supernaturally old, and he actually behaves accordingly. He’s jaded and still recovering from his wife’s betrayal. Xanthe, on the other hand, is young and brings freshness to their relationship. She’s not naïve, and her life hasn’t been easy, but she’s not world-weary.This is going to be a short review because mostly all I want to tell you is that I really liked it. I was delighted by it and very satisfied to read a Paranormal Romance that’s all about the love story. Both characters were compelling and complemented each other well. But above all, the novella was romantic. I’m not sure how well it stands alone. The characters made previous appearances, but I didn’t remember them, so you won’t feel lost there. But the world building is complex and I think some background would help you understand. However, even if you don’t feel like reading the previous books, give this one a try. It’s sweet and short. I’m happy I read it.