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Return to Willow Lake  (Lakeshore Chronicles #9) - Susan Wiggs Originally posted at Romance Around the CornerThis is the newest Willow Lake book, a series I've been reading for years. Even though its quality has been progressively decreasing, I was hopeful this book would be different because it featured two beloved recurrent characters. But that was not the case.Zach and Willow grew up together and were best friends in school. But then life happened and it brought them apart. They reunite during a wedding, and have a one-night-stand. She goes back to her life, which includes a boyfriend and father she wants to impress, and he stays in Willow Lake wondering what happened. Then her mother gets pregnant and she has to go back.The first thing that bothered me was that Zach, who has been ugly ever since we met him in the first book, suddenly grows into a hunk. The rules of romance demand that its heroes be gorgeous, so Zach got an extreme makeover. I thought it was a missed opportunity to push some genre boundaries, unfair to the character and a boring to me as a reader who wishes authors took more risks. Sonnet was whiny, spineless and completely different from the girl we used to know. She cheats on her boyfriend and bends over backwards to please a father who never wanted her, and is only using her to further his career. We have two main characters that are unrecognizable and whose chemistry has always been strong, but only as friends. In fact, they almost feel like siblings. So add a rather unpleasant romance to the list of reasons why I couldn't finish the book.