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Cake - Lauren Dane Originally posted at Romance Around the CornerSource: a review copy was provided by the publisher through NetGalleyCake is Lauren Dane’s contribution to the Cosmo Red-Hot Reads collection. These books are a partnership between Cosmopolitan magazine and Harlequin, so that’s where the “Cosmo” part comes from. Unfortunately, this one didn’t include ridiculous sex advice.Wren is an art student who works as a messenger in order to pay the bills. She often delivers packages to tormented artist, Gregori Ivanov, and they have developed an easy friendship. She also has a massive crush on him because he has tattoos, a Mohawk, an accent and lots of attitude (and now you know what made me read the book). But his evil ex-wife left him traumatized and afraid of commitment, which means that it’s up to Wren to get what she wants because this dude is too busy being predictable to do much else.This is my first Lauren Dane book and I didn’t know what to expect, but I found it quite enjoyable. It’s a quick read --only 100 pages of so-- and the heroine has enough freshness to balance the whiny hero and the cartoonish ex. In fact, she pretty much keeps the book from being an unremarkable collection of clichés.As I said before, Wren is the one who relentlessly pursues Gregori. Once she decides she wants him, she goes for it. Next to such a reluctant guy, she comes across as a bit too pushy, but it fits the story well and it’s always a joy to get a heroine who isn’t a blushing virgin.I was not a fan of Gregori, mostly because there wasn’t much to be a fan of. His character is underdeveloped and reads like the stereotype of a Romance hero: hot, talented, cocky, afraid of commitment, and has an evil ex to top it all off. It’s hard to believe someone so confident would be so insecure, which is not surprising because his insecurity is a gimmick to create conflict and to force the most awkward grand gesture.Would I recommend the book? No, but not because I didn’t like it, but because it’s expensive. $3.99* for a 100-page novella seems excessive considering the product you would be getting. I mean, for the same price you could get any Blaze book, which are more than twice longer and very similar in tone. But I guess we’re also paying for the Cosmo brand. I liked the book and maybe the partnership will work as a getaway to introduce new readers to the genre, but I’m not impressed enough to invest time and money in the other stories.*$3.99 is the digital list price, but it’s a bit cheaper on Kindle and Books-A-Million.