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Deep Desires

Deep Desires - Charlotte Stein Originally posted at Romance Around the CornerThe reason I read this book was because last week everyone was talking about it. Curiosity got the best of me and I went into it hopeful but not really expecting such an interesting story. It’s an Erotic Romance that’s actually erotic. Kinky and explicit enough to be more than an average Contemporary with a lot of sex (as it’s usually the case with most of the Erotic Romances out there), yet there’s enough romance and character development to make it compelling beyond the sex.Deep Desires has a fair amount of twist and discovering the characters is part of the journey, so I will try to be vague as possible about it. Our heroine is Abbie, and the story isn't only told from her POV, but there’s almost no dialogue whatsoever, so we are truly, deeply in her head. One day her neighbor gives her a peep show: she sees him naked through her window while he masturbates* and it’s obvious that he’s doing it for her. That scene sets the story in motion. At first, they silently interact through their windows. Then she finds out that his name is Ivan, he starts sending her presents and little by little their characters unfold. There’s something off about him, he’s secretive and has OCD tendencies. But that’s fine, because there’s something off about Abbie as well.The first half of the book is all about sex. There’s no dialogue and the interaction between the leads happen through their respective windows. But the story has character development, a unique romance and a happy ending. It was very good and the only thing that prevents it from being fantastic was the predictable ending. For a book that’s everything but traditional, the ending was a huge disappointment. However, this is probably one of the best Erotic Romances I've read this year.Everything surrounding Abbie and Ivan is mysterious. Despite being deeply in her head we don’t exactly know what happened to her. What’s obvious is that they recognize something in each other that makes them decide that it’s safe to establish a relationship, weird as it may be. Their pasts are very dramatic, I thought it was over the top and it’s one of the reasons why the ending wasn't up to par with the rest. But the resolution and revelations are emotional and make the happy ending sweeter. Abbie and Ivan fit as a couple and their love story was surprisingly romantic. This is a novella and I think the short length fits it well. In fact, I’m glad it was short because I don’t think I want to read a longer story told through such deep POV. It can be tiresome and a full-length story wouldn't have worked. It was a very compelling book and I liked it very much. It has a great balance between sex and story, even though most of the book is filled with sex. Here is proof that Erotic Romance isn't just about sex.*My name is Brie and I like books where the hero masturbates in front of the heroine. Don't judge! 4.5 Stars